Engineering Thanksgiving

Engineering Thanksgiving

How do you engineer the perfect Thanksgiving? Is it all about the food? Are you a master seating arranger? Do you decorate like a Pinterest pro? Because we love engineering so much, we tend to apply it to most things in our lives, including holiday planning.

Most projects follow a commonly used approach* that we think could be helpful this year:

*Note: As with all spirited family “discussions,” the information in this description of Professional Engineering is limited but well-intended.

Project Management

It’s critical to establish a central point of contact for any project to ensure that information is managed and distributed in the most efficient way possible.

Congratulations, Project Manager! You’re in charge of all Thanksgiving correspondence (insert air horns, flashing red lights, and panic alarm sounds).

Now that you’ve been awarded the holiday hosting contract, you will oversee allergy requests, preference tracking, and researching Uncle Erwin’s new ketogenic lifestyle and how to use liquid monkfruit. You’ve probably been fielding these requests and inquiries for the last month and they’re bound to continue until you close the front door behind the final guest.

Hang in there, Aunt Lydia is hosting in December.

Preliminary Engineering

This phase typically involves the work necessary to assess the overall site and formulate an approach for success.

As the host(ess) with the most(est) you’ll need to allocate a decent amount of time to this phase. Measure that oven, do a test run with that table leaf, and start hounding your guests for those missing RSVPs. Nobody likes a surprise addition to the kids’ table.

Hang in there, Aunt Lydia is hosting in December.

Final Engineering

Rounding out the planning and design stages is Final Engineering. During this phase, team members from the project’s municipal and development teams can give final comments and make sure the goals of the contract are met.

This is essentially the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday leading up to the big day. Cousin Grace will call to demand three more vegetarian sides. An in-law (specific one omitted for universal safety) will comment on proper carving tools. Your neighbor may even stop by to ask how many cars to expect on the street.

Hang in there, Aunt Lydia is hosting in December.

Construction Management

When there is something to build, there must be people to oversee its construction. Inspectors, project managers, and skilled crews come together in this phase to make magic. A dirt lot becomes a building. A trench becomes home to a pipeline that carries clean water to a nearby park. Whatever the project, this is where it comes to life.

It’s also all hands on deck in your kitchen. Whether you plan your work assignments a week before, or four hours before, the morning of Thanksgiving is “go time!” You’ll be on “don’t cut your finger off” duty, running the “break another plate and you’re going to boarding school” crew, and supervising the “stop throwing marshmallows at your sister” and “stop antagonizing Uncle Erwin” efforts.

Did we mention Aunt Lydia is hosting in December?

Whatever your plans for the culinary extravaganza, the entire team at ERSC sends its warmest wishes for a safe and happy holiday!

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