Santa’s Got a Brand-New… Traffic Jam?

Santa’s Got a Brand-New… Traffic Jam?

It may not come from Santa’s sack, but modern engineering is the traffic calming gift that keeps on giving.

The big guy does know a thing or two about getting around. Lucky for the man in red, his sleigh can fly, thus allowing him to totally avoid our landlocked holiday traffic.

However, if some favorite holiday movies from the past 25 years are to be believed, there is always the small chance that a malfunction could ground jolly old St. Nick. Can you imagine? Reindeer droppings in your tire treads and St. Nicholas himself in front of you at a red light, making his way through the gauntlet of present-packed cars? Someone call in E.L.F.S.!

Thankfully, ERSC’s team includes engineers with extensive backgrounds in the very traffic planning and design that ease the human impact in that scenario.

Steve Latino, ERSC’s Director of Engineering, leverages 16 years of experience providing services as a local municipal employee. His body of work includes Traffic and Transportation, Capital Improvement Projects (both design and construction management), and Land Development. Not only is he a key member of our team, but he also loves Christmas, and that makes him the perfect point of reference for sleigh ride solutions.

He says that modern traffic projects like well-designed roads, proper signing and striping, and Intelligent Transportation Systems are key to giving Santa and the rest of us roads that are vastly easier to travel. “Let’s not forget,” says Latino, “if Santa has his Fast Trak transponder, he could zip down the 91, the I-10, and the I-15…or if the Elves travel with him, he can use the HOV lanes.”

As you head out for all of your last-minute holiday preparations, try and spot some examples of those very projects. You just may find a new appreciation for the men and women working behind the scenes to keep us all moving. Oh, and may the twinkle of red and green traffic signal lights bring a little holiday magic to you all year long!

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