Armada Lift Station, Eastern Municipal Water District

Construction Inspection for the Armada Lift Station, Eastern Municipal Water District


Construction Management & Inspection

About This Project

EMWD’s Armada Lift Station was designed as part of the Wine Country Sewer Expansion Project to accommodate additional flows projected from growth of commercial wineries in the region.


ERSC provided inspectors to the project during construction. The project included a lift station with capacity for 570 gpm of sewer flow, an emergency standby generator, odor control equipment, as well as architectural and landscape features selected to blend with the character of the region.


ERSC inspectors were able to successfully complete this one-year calendar day project with just 3.0% over bid in change orders. ERSC inspectors’ open lines of communication with the District, the contractor, and the design engineer allowed for fast and efficient resolution of problems in the field.


ERSC inspector duties included underground piping, conduit placement, electrical wiring installation, wet well excavation, masonry construction, rebar placement, and concrete placement.