C1-C3 Sewer Replacement Project
City of Victorville, Victorville, CA


Water Resources Engineering

About This Project

Under an On-Call Engineering Services Agreement for the City’s Water and Sewer Capital Improvement Projects, ERSC is providing the design and construction services for the following active projects:


Sewer Capacity Improvement Project C-1, Project scope includes the upgrade of 3,022 feet to 15-inch pipe from existing 10-inch pipe. The project intends to allow additional capacity to the sewer system to allow and account for increased commercial and industrial development in this part of the City. The project is generally located in an industrial area around Hesperia Road and Nisqualli Road and generally has impacts on several distribution sites as well as some retail/gas stations.


Sewer Capacity Improvement Project C-2, Project scope includes the upgrade of 1,748 feet to 12-inch pipe from existing 8-inch pipe. The project is generally located in a residential area and crosses an existing golf course. The project is also contiguous to City sewer project C3 as well as several Structural Sewer Replacement Lines. This was important to note because it turned out to be beneficial to include both items of work in the same project/contract. This work generally took place in easements, and only has impacts on a small segment of Public La Paz Drive, as well as Arrowhead Drive.


Sewer Capacity Improvement Project C-3, Project scope includes upgrade of 6,550 of 18-inch pipe upgraded from 12-inch pipe. The project is generally located in residential areas and crosses a park in an easement. The City of Victorville has identified the potential to construct a new sewer main in the San Bernardino County Flood Control District’s (SBFCD) access road, next to the Oro Grande Wash from Austin Road to Seneca Road. This relocation eliminates a series of existing lines that traverse several properties, which requires the abandonment of any existing easements. This requires coordination with several residences, and the new alignment will require coordination with SBFCD and their approval.