Golden Avenue Bridge Replacement
City of Placentia, Placentia, CA


Transportation Engineering

About This Project

The Golden Avenue Bridge at Carbon Canyon channel is located on Golden Avenue approximately 0.2 miles west of Rose Drive. Built in 1934, which is a two-lane reinforced concrete deck bridge with single span. The bridge has been determined to be functionally obsolete per the Bridge Inspection Report prepared by Caltrans.


The project required the removal of the existing bridge and replacement with a new four lane bridge along with appurtenant work including street widening, lighting, and drainage facilitates at the bridge approaches as well as curb, gutter and sidewalk in compliance with American Disability Act standards. The new bridge is planned to be 80 feet wide with a single span of approximately 75 feet and shall include bike lanes and sidewalks along both sides in conformance with the City’s adopted General Plan and Capital Improvement program.


ERSC provided services for surrounding improvements. Approaching street section improvements, hydraulic analysis, scour analysis, bridge abutment grading design, channel permitting with the Army Corps of Engineers, and right-of-way engineering. ERSC also prepared a Hydrology & Hydraulic Report in conformance with County of Orange and City requirements to determine the amount of drainage tributary to the project area and to review the capacity of the existing drainage facilities.