Murrieta Creek Bridge
City of Temecula, Temecula, CA


Transportation Engineering

About This Project

The City of Temecula has planned the roadway gap closure project extending Overland Dive through Commerce Center Drive, Enterprise Circle West, over the Murrieta Creek, and connecting to the Avenida Alvarado at the Diaz Road intersection, including the construction of two traffic signals at each of the intersections. This ongoing project holds many challenges due to the consolidation and incorporation of several City projects that have been either designed or partially developed.


Partnered with the CNS Engineer’s, ERSC is responsible for the following within the project:
Determination of centerline alignment for the gap closure
Utility research and base map
Hydraulic analysis of the bridge and its potential impacts to Murrieta Creek.
Roadway geometric drawings,
Preliminary Roadway Drainage Plans
Floodplain and Bridge Hydraulic Study,
Preparation of the following reports:
Water Quality Assessment Report (WQAR) for Caltrans,
Floodplain Location Hydraulic Study (LHS)
Summary of Floodplain Encroachment Report (SFER),
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP),
Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP)
Traffic Memorandum