State Street Gap Closure Project
City of San Bernardino, San Bernardino, CA


Transportation Engineering

About This Project

State Street in the City of San Bernardino is a vital transportation corridor. The street currently exists in segmented portions throughout the western portion of the City. The City contracted with ERSC to provide roadway design and environmental clearance for the Street. The final four lane roadway will improve traffic circulation from Baseline Street to SR210 Freeway.

Upon final design, State Street will be a four-lane roadway with a center median and bike lanes connecting Baseline Street to State Route 210. The ERSC team is designing a new roadway in the portion of the project where no transportation infrastructure exists, rehabilitating existing portions to updated standard, and connecting to existing portions to the north and south. ROW acquisition is required to complete the project.

An MND is being prepared for the project with significant attention to noise concerns of neighboring residents and biological resources. San Bernardino Kangaroo Rat Habitat is designated over the alignment.

The new planned alignment runs over the Department of Water Resources’ Santa Ana Valley Pipeline, a 9’ diameter portion of the State Water Project. Significant coordination with the agency is required to complete a DWR encroachment permit.