Warm Springs Sewer Force Main
Eastern Municipal Water District, Temecula, CA

Warm Springs Sewer Force Main, Eastern Municipal Water District, Temecula, CA


Water Resources Engineering

About This Project

The Warm Springs Sewer Lift Station conveys wastewater flows from Diaz Road to the Temecula Valley Regional Water Reclamation Facility. Under an annual engineering design services agreement, EMWD contracted ERSC to design approximately 4600 linear feet of 30” sewer force main to convey additional flow to the TVRWRF.


The force main was designed as a 30” PVC line including 1345 ft. of fused PVC to allow horizontal directional drilling between Winchester Road and Rio Nedo Road beneath an existing landscaped parkway.


Upon completion of 3 alternative alignments, utility research, and potholing, it was determined that the reach between the Warm Springs Lift Station and Rio Nedo Road would require significant utility relocation efforts. An alternative within the street would also cause significant traffic impacts and would require night construction work, per the City of Temecula requirements. Therefore, ERSC developed the selected alternative which included directional drilling to minimize impacts to all concerned parties.


ERSC also provided services to modify the headworks at the receiving TVRWRF and provided coordination and permitting as required by NPDES Rules.